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Complete Karate Podcast 27/3/2018

Complete Karate Podcast 27/3/2018

March 27, 2018

Complete Karate 2.  A brief chat on Karate, this time on the topics of

  • Training with an injury
  • When to stay away from training
  • and adding to last episode's Breathing topic with what to do when winded.

John Burke, author of Fortress Storming, Peaceful Mind, and more than 50 DVDs on practical Karate kata applications is your presenter, and we hope that you find some useful information here.  

Complete Karate Podcast test

Complete Karate Podcast test

January 26, 2018


Complete Karate Podcast by John Burke

copyright 2018 John Burke

A brief introduction to breathing and how it relates to the martial arts. Everyone breathes, but do we breathe right?

Used properly, our breath an be a powerful part of our technique, and we don't just mean a halitosis attack... - superior podcast hosting. - superior podcast hosting.

October 18, 2017

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